Monday, March 29, 2010

Hot Springs or bust!

We headed to Hot Springs this weekend to meet up with Aunt Clare, Uncle Kyle, cousin Mandy, cousin Sarah and her hubby Grant. We had so much fun, as always when with his family! It was a beautiful weekend. We headed downtown and ate a Rocky's! It was one of mine and Adam's favorites in college! We walked downtown and did some shopping and sight seeing! Saturday night we headed to Fisherman's Wharf for a yummy dinner! Mom,Dad, and Ms. Cathy babysat at the condo. It was so good to see everyone and we are going to make a point to get together as a group every year in different places! Sounds like a plan:)

How do ya like my shades?!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Home Again:)

Abbott and I headed home to Crossett a few weeks ago when Adam was in Montana visiting Uncle Charlie. I love being in Mom and Dad's house. I love the smell, the look, and the comfort of being where I grew up. Yes....I am such a sap when it comes to memories of growing up. I think it's sweet that Abbott can sleep in my room in "Our Crib". It has now been used by Hud, Mer, Mason,Me and 9 grandchildren:)
    We spent precious time with Memaw and Granddad. Anyone who knows my Grandparents, knows that they are truly the most loving, loyal, giving, and devoted people you will ever want to meet. I am so blessed to have them in our lives and so thankful that Abbott gets to spend time with them. In my job I see so many people who have no one to take care of them. They will be in the hospital for weeks without one visitor. This breaks my heart and I am constantly reminded of how blessed Adam and I are to have such amazing families. Mom and I were able to spend a whole week together. I love how much she loves Abbott (and 8 other little beings:) Anna Kate kept close tabs on Abbott. She is such a "little Mom" she wanted to be with her every second! It was precious. Grace was still figuring her out considering that Abbott pulled her hair and tugged on her every time she could get close enough. We went on several walks with Aunt Amber and helped Nana paint AK's room:) Fun was had by all......

Abbott, Checking Dedaw out:)

Pretty Girls!
Anyone else think Nana and Anna Kate look so much alike in this pic!!! 
Can I borrow your paci Gracie??
AK loves Miss Abbott!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


We turned our breakfast room into a playroom for Abbott last weekend with Nana's help!! Abbott loves it!( she told us)
I bought this book shelf in Hot Springs last year. Got the bins from Target ($6.99) a steal!! The little plaques at the bottom are painted with chalkboard paint so you can label the bins!
 We painted the canvas and then rubbed it with stain. Those were plain white letters from Hobby Lobby of course, that I painted then stained and attached them to the canvas and waalaa.....
More fun letters from HL that I painted and put on a canvas.....
Painted chalkboard paint on the wall and hung a frame over it! Mer was the brains behind this idea!
Turned out so cute!
 Little tin sign ($3 bucks) at HL, hung it over a canvas that I painted. I also bought one that says "his" just in case it's needed later in life!
 Found this sweet little "happy" sign and couldn't resist it! If you had to describe Abbott in one word it would be a BIG red HAPPY!!