Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun in Phoenix!!

Much fun was had by all in Arizona! We started the vacation with a tubing trip on the Salt River. 
We left the kiddos with the babysitter and had a day of roasting in the sun on huge tubes. Now this was an event. It was like six flags, parking lots full of people taking buses to float. It was a riot, many, many different folks enjoying this event. We had a blast but managed to forget the camera so you'll just have to think in your mind what a good time we had:) 

We had a great Father's Day! Abbott and Jake made foot and hand canvas' for their Daddies which were precious. We headed over to Chip and Kirsten's to eat and play with Amalie. The kiddos had a great time in the pool and Kirsten's parents cooked a yummy meal!!

Picture of the Year!

Marc and Dana were off on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday we headed to Sedona for some shopping and sight seeing! It was beautiful, as you can see in the pics!! On Wednesday, Dana and I took advantage of our hubby's babysitting skills, and went out for a day of shopping and Mommy time. Lulu Lemon will never be the same:)

Hmmm....think they look alike:)

Adam and I enjoyed time with Abbott in the pool and checked out a few restaurants in the area while the Charbonneau's were away. Kirsten brought Amalie over for a visit! The kiddos were so funny together! On Friday, the girls went out for a movie (Knight and Day) and the guys chilled at home. 

The boys got away for the day on Saturday while the women braved a restaurant with all three kiddos! Now this was an adventure!!  Saturday night the kiddos stayed with a babysitter and we ate at a local Sushi place.....amazing! Our flight was great on the way home. Abbott was a trouper the entire trip. She and Jake played like champs. By the end of the week he was calling for Abbott from his crib when he woke up! So sweet:) She and Amalie will be fighting over him in a few years:) What a lucky guy! And we are all so very blessed as parents to have healthy and happy children!! 

 I am sooooo tired Mommy:)
We love you Phoenix friends! See you in the fall in the "view!"