Sunday, June 29, 2008


Our friend Dana turned the big THREE O on the 15th, but she and Marc were on vacation so we celebrated last night. It was a surprise party and I have to give Emily credit for the planning and execution. Dana thought she and Marc were coming over for dinner with one other couple when, in fact, there were about 20 people. Hiding that many cars is not easy, so I had Marc tip us off when they were en route and we all stood out in our front yard and waved as they came up the street. Dana didn't catch on to the surprise until they were actually in our driveway. GREAT SUCCESS! I'm pretty impressed with Em too, because she's terrible at keeping big secrets and she held on to this one for 2 whole weeks! Impressive. Everyone had a great time. We grilled burgers and dogs, visited with friends, and played Wii and Rock band like there was no tomorrow! Hope you enjoy the pics. Happy Birthday Dana!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend in the Big "C" to see baby Grace.

And by big "C" I mean Crossett, Arkansas. So Emily's sister Meredith and both of our sister's-in-law are/were pregnant at the same time. Mer had baby Garrett in May, Amber had baby Grace last week, and Melissa is due with Abigail in July. Three up, three down. Once they're all here, that will be a grand total of 8 nieces and nephews, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren in the Pope family, depending on your perspective. Like I said, all these kids have been great practice; however, some might say they've been great birth control too! I'm not saying that, but some people might have. Anyhoo, I hadn't seen Grace yet, so Em and I made a trip to Crossett this weekend to see her. Meredith was there with Garrett as well. Here's som pics... enjoy!

Baby Grace

Emmy and Grace

Grace and Garrett
(They did this pretty much the whole time we were there.)

Every dog needs a newborn for a pillow.

Seriously, that's enough. Get that camera out of my FACE!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Plunge

I've always had an interest in doing a blog, but not enough to take the plunge. Emily's sister Meredith and my cousin Mike have been doing family blogs for a while now and I guess you could say they've inspired me. Em and I are going to try and do this together and see how it goes. Hopefully we'll have enough to say to keep family and friends interested in life at the Koelling house. I'm sure things will get more interesting whenever we add some rugrats to the mix!